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Warm-up Match- Japan Vs. Canada. Book Your Tickets Now.

On 10 Nov 2022

Warm-up Match- Japan Vs. Canada. Book Your Tickets Now.


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Among people, the excitement for the FIFA world cup is growing fast. This big and world-famous event will kick off on the 20th of November 2022. As the football world cup is taking place during the winter season for the first time, teams don’t have time to participate in warm-up matches before the start of the tournament. That is why 32 teams will play friendly games. 

As per recent development,Canada and Japan will play a friendly match on Thursday, Nov. 17, at the Al Maktoum Stadium in Dubai. It will allow players from both countries to warm themselves up, feel the intensity of international matches, and prepare themselves for the event. 

Tickets for the warmup matches are being sold in great numbers. Hurry up and purchase your ticket now. All spectators need to abide by the following terms and conditions when they enter the stadium-

●    Spectators 5 years old or above need to have a ticket to enter the stadium
●    Individuals need to reach the schedule in advance so that authorities can conduct the necessary checks and allow them to enter the stadium
●    All sold tickets are non-transferable, non-exchangeable, and non-refundable
●    Ticket resale is strictly prohibited. Anyone purchasing resold tickets will not be allowed to enter the stadium
●    The exchange of tickets is not allowed
●    One person will be allowed to enter the stadium for one ticket unless specific provisions are made
●    Q tickets is not responsible in any way if your tickets are damaged or stolen
●    Camera, video, and audio recording equipment are not allowed in the stadium. People who will record the event will be dealt with as per the law
●    Spectators must not bring bags, strollers, or any other heavy items into the stadium
●    Restricted items into the stadium are prohibited and if found, authorities will confiscate them and not return them. 
      Book your ticket now and enjoy an exciting warm-up match between Japan & Canada.