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Dubai Gaming Industry Features

On 14 Feb 2022

Dubai Gaming Industry Features

Dubai Gaming Industry Features

In the modern world, the creation of video games is one of the most significant segments of the entertainment industry. The scale of the gaming industry is quite vast. Keep in mind that Dubai is the fifth largest country in the Middle East regarding internet penetration and use. It is one of the biggest hubs for online video games in the Middle East and worldwide. More than $100 million dollars are generated from the online gaming industry in the Middle East,  and Dubai contributes a significant share to it.

In 2020 and 2021, sales of video games and gaming devices and components in Dubai reached record levels due to the pandemic and general isolation. So, experts believe that the popularity of computer games was noticeable even before the pandemic and will continue for quite a long time. Moreover, in their opinion, consumers will gradually abandon the usual entertainment in favor of online entertainment.

The reasons for users ' enormous spending on video games last year seem apparent. One of them is prolonged self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic: people had to look for various home entertainment, and video games are just one of them. In addition, Sony and Microsoft launched a new generation of gaming consoles. So more and more people are interested in playing their favorite video games and having fun.

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