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360-play And Kidszone

On 07 Feb 2022

360-play And Kidszone

360-play and Kidszone

All kids and small children need entertainment, games, and sports at regular intervals. Unfortunately, in today's time, many people live in small and medium-sized homes and apartments where there is no entertainment zone for kids. That is why 360 play and kids zones are ideal for all children. You can take your kids to 360 play zones and entertainment centers in your free time, let them have fun, meet other children, and contribute to their healthy development. So why 360 play and kids zones are the perfect entertainment source for your children? Let's analyze.

  • A Variety of Video Games

We know that kids are also crazy about different video games. That is why we have installed video game kits with the latest infrastructure, configurations, and setup. We make arrangements so that kids can play their favorite video games on computers without seeking someone’s assistance. However, our staff is always ready to assist if a kid wants to play a new video game and doesn’t know how to do it.

  • A Perfect Place For Kid’s Physical Development

The physical development of kids is a significant rite from the beginning. We have 22 setups across nine malls. So, take your kid to 360 play stations and let them play different games. Usually, when kids start walking themselves, they want to roam around freely along with other kids. We have made all arrangements that facilitate safe physical activities for kids.

  • Qualified Staff

It is essential to monitor kids’ activities at entertainment zones and play stations. That is why we have several employees who take care of kids’ activities in 360 play stations and control their movement if needed. Our staff includes an administrator, animators, hall workers (to monitor children), junior employees to monitor the condition of the rides, and cleaners.


Bring your kids to our play stations and entertainment zones & let them have great fun. We always welcome all kids to 360 play stations.