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Top Five Kids Activity Gamer Zone In Qatar

On 01 Feb 2022

Top Five Kids Activity Gamer Zone In Qatar

Top Five Kids Activity Gamer Zone In Qatar

Modern-day children love to move out of their homes and visit kids' activity game zones to have fun and entertainment. In Qatar, there are plenty of such places. They have excellent exteriors and interiors, comfortable floor coverings, feature-rich game zones, etc. These entertainment zones give maximum comfort to kids, use the available space in the room and enjoy while playing favorite video games. So let’s look at the top 5 kids' activity game zones in Qatar.

  • 360 Play

360 play is a highly popular PlayStation in Qatar. It is situated in 9 malls across the country. Kids can go to those malls to entertain in 360 play game stations. The availability of good games, good environment, comfortable sitting arrangements makes 360 play quite popular among many kids.

  • Doha Festival City

It is one of the most popular kid’s entertainment zones in Qatar. It is a 600,000 square meters mall with 240,000 square meters (2,600,000 sq ft) of leasable space. A large number of kids visit this mall every day and have fun.

  • kidzania Doha

Children aged between 1 to 14 years often visit Kidzania Doha from time to time to have fun and entertainment. They can learn several skills during play to gain knowledge and self-confidence. It offers more than 60 activities for children. They can entertain themselves by participating in these games and events.

  • Jungle Zone Qatar

Jungle Zone Qatar is a big name when looking for an ideal play to entertain your kids. Many children go there to have fun and spend their holidays. They can experience the thrill and adventurous vacations for a considerable time. Kids can play their favorite games and sports and have pleasant times during the entertainment period.

  • Snow Dunes Qatar

Snow Dunes Qatar promises entertainment, fun, thrill, and adventure. It has several entertainment zones, theme parks, and attractions. It is situated in the Doha Festival City Mall. In Qatar, the temperature remains between 18-37 degrees Celsius. But the temperature on Snow Dunes premises doesn’t increase more than -4 degrees. So it gives a night atmosphere to kids and lets them have great fun.

Take your kids to these entertainment centers and let them have ultimate fun.