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Top 10 Places To Visit In Qatar (with Kids)

On 17 May 2022

Top 10 Places To Visit In Qatar (with Kids)

Top 10 Places To Visit In Qatar (With Kids)

Qatar is a small country in the Middle East wherein the tourism industry is proliferating. If you want to visit Qatar with your kids,here are some top destinations: 

1.Doha City
It is the capital city of Qatar, wherein 50% of the country's inhabitants live.After discovering oil and gas fields, Doha saw the rapid development of skyscrapers, shopping centers, magnificent hotels,and parks.

It is an ideal place for kids to play games and sports, spend quality time with other kids, and try different video games. In addition, they love to engage in various activities. 

3.Museum of Islamic Art
Located in Doha, it is an outstanding example of modern architecture in Doha that fits perfectly into the capital's urban landscape. As a result, many adults and kids visit here every year. 

4.Aspire Tower (The Pride of Qatar)
It is a marvel of modern architecture and the tallest tower in the capital.The height of the building is almost 318 meters. Both adults and children feel delighted after seeing it. 

5.Fort Al Kut
It is another historical monument used as a police building and prison during the Turkish occupation. In 1978, after a large-scale reconstruction, a museum was opened here, where products of Qatari national crafts are exhibited.

6.Umm Salal Mohammed Fort
While visiting Qatar, You must see this small building. It is located in the middle of the desert on the shores of the azure waters of the Persian Gulf. It also has a restored small mosque. Always keep in mind that the fort is not always open. However, you can enter its premises if one of the individuals opens the door. 

7.Souq Waqif Market
It is a famous traditional Arab market where you can find everything such as souvenirs, furniture, weapons,clothes, spices, jewelry, exotic birds,and carpets. Mounted police keep a close eye on the streets of the market in Arafat's and caftans. 

8.Pearl of Qatar
It is an artificial island where luxurious apartments, private villas, and expensive hotels are built. Up to 40,000 thousand people can fit on the island, the total area is four km², and the length is 32 km. Many national and foreign travelers visit this place. 

9.Banana Island Resort
The crescent-shaped Banana Island can be reached by luxury catamaran. Located a 25-minute drive from Al Shuyukh Pier in downtown Doha, the island is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Guests can spend the day or stay overnight at Banana Island Resort Doha by Anantara, which features a lagoon pool, spa, golf course, cinema, and more. 

10.Baladna Park
A green oasis on the outskirts of Doha, Baladna Park is a place for family fun. There is an amusement park for children, a bumper boat ride, a petting zoo, and a terrarium cave. The park is operated by Baladna Farm, a 100% Qatari enterprise that is one of the largest livestock farms in the region and supplies fresh milk and dairy products to restaurants and households in Qatar. The farm is also open to visitors, who can get acquainted with the milk production process in specially designated areas where the animals are protected from sudden climatic changes.

Concluding Remarks
Qatar Tourism invites travelers and sports fans visiting Qatar for the FIFA World Cup to discover attractions outside the capital. In just 90 minutes (the duration of one football match), travelers can set off from Doha on a fantastic adventure through the mesmerizing desert dunes, visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, see ancient petroglyphs, relax in a water park, soak up the beach, visit an eco-farm or among lush mangrove thickets.

Qatar has lots of tourist places to visit, along with kids. So take a tour today and never forget to visit 360PlayStations—a warm welcome to Qatar. You will have a pleasant time.