Blog / 360 Play Stations In Qatar- A Perfect Family Entertainment Center For All

360 Play Stations In Qatar- A Perfect Family Entertainment Center For All

On 25 Mar 2023

360 Play Stations In Qatar- A Perfect Family Entertainment Center For All

360 Play Stations in Qatar- A Perfect Family Entertainment Center For All!

360 play stations- the children's entertainment center is an excellent choice for a child's pastime. All modern forms of entertainment are presented on our play stations. So the family can have fun and experience positive emotions. Game & Entertainment Centres in Qatar can do everything to ensure their visitors are happy & enjoy their leisure time. 

● Our game and entertainment centers in Qatar have various entertainment options, such as numerous video games, trampolines, birthday celebration events, etc. 

● The children's play centers have zones for visitors of different ages - from the smallest to teenagers. Even parents can relax with pleasure by playing video games and participating in other activities.

● A team of professionals organizes exciting holidays for those celebrating their first birthday.

● For all children, an individual event scenario is developed, which considers the kids' interests, preferences, and characteristics. As a result, their imagination becomes inspiration, and fantasies are brought to life.

It's no secret that today's children are prone to a sedentary lifestyle (computers, tablets, phones, long-term viewing of cartoons, and passion for video games). However, physical activity is suitable for children of all ages. It helps to strengthen the heart and lungs, become more flexible, strengthen bones, maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of many diseases, develop the vestibular apparatus, improve their mood and self-esteem, improve academic performance, have a good appearance, sleep, and appetite.

60 to 180 minutes of daily physical activity is necessary for kids! For this, we have well-designed trampolines that help children increase concentration, load all muscle groups, and develop the ability to feel their body and own and control it. In addition, trampoline jumping is a good prevention of developmental disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Child Care

360 play stations try to bring benefits and positive emotions to their guests while not forgetting about safety and comfort. Our family entertainment centers are designed to meet all the requirements: soft surfaces, absence of sharp corners and protruding parts, reliable fastenings, coatings resistant to disinfectants, etc. The centers carefully monitor the cleanliness and hygienic indicators of the microclimate (illumination, ventilation, temperature, and humidity in the room). Our Entertainment centers grow and develop, keep up with the times and do everything possible to make your vacation enjoyable, helpful, convenient, fantastic, and unforgettable! Take your kids to 360 play stations today and have entertainment together.