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On 07 Feb 2022



It would not be wrong to say that trampolining is fun for children. We rarely think about how it affects our body, only remembering the childhood emotions from jumping "to the sky." It can become an effective simulator for both children and their parents. 360 play stations have high-quality and feature-rich trampolines. Bring your kids to our play store at any time you want. They can jump on trampolines installed in our entertainment centers. Here are some benefits of trampoline exercises for kids-

  • Trampoline exercises will help your child develop motor skills and coordination faster and more effectively,
  • Trampoline promotes the uniform development of muscles,
  • It helps optimize blood circulation and increase oxygen supply to the brain. This affects a positive effect on the mental health of your kids,
  • Trampoline jumping helps fight attention deficit disorder by channeling the energy of children with hyperactivity in the right direction,
  • Trampoline exercises will help your children develop motor skills,
  • Trampoline jumping helps to form the musculoskeletal system while reliably strengthening it properly.

So, when children return from kindergarten or school, don’t deny their pleasure of jumping on a trampoline. It will not only benefit his physical health but also help to throw out the negative accumulated during the day and stabilize his emotional background and improve his mood.

A Sharp Improvement In Child’s Overall Body Balance & Posture

Trampoline jumping gives excellent results in improving the balance and coordination of your kids. It automatically enhances their balance by stimulating the inner ear's vestibular apparatus. We have specially designed mini-trampolines for kids’ activities and entertainment. Remember that experts recommend trampoline exercises for children recovering from injuries. All trampolines installed in our entertainment centers have safety nets to prevent accidental falling of kids. Our staff also monitor kids’ activities and do everything possible to keep them safe.